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‘Marvel’s Avengers’ developer explains Spider-Man’s PlayStation exclusivity

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“It comes back to the relationship with PlayStation and Marvel”

A developer at Crystal Dynamics has revealed the reason why Spider-Man will be a PlayStation exclusive character in next month’s Marvel’s Avengers.

Crystal Dynamics head Scot Amos explained during a media call that Spidey’s inclusion in the game as a treat for PlayStation players is a result of Marvel and Sony’s relationship and past collaborations. “So the beauty of Spider-Man and what Spider-Man represents as a character in this world is, again, it comes back to the relationship with PlayStation and Marvel,” Amos said.

“We happen to be the ones who can execute and deliver when it comes down to choices of where and what Spider-Man can be,” he added. “That’s a relationship question that you know PlayStation absolutely has the rights to … and as creators we have this opportunity that we can make something unique and fun and awesome.”

When asked how the Spider-Man exclusivity announcement would affect plans for cross-play or cross-progression between consoles in the future, Amos responded, “Looking at cross-play as a broader ecosystem is something we want to explore absolutely for the future. At the moment we have no promises, we have no announcements.”

He continued: “So when we get to it, and assuming we get to that future, certainly we’ll talk about [cross-play] then, but for the moment it is two separate issues of saying one does not actually influence the other.”

Besides Spider-Man, Crystal Dynamics also recently revealed that PlayStation users would get other exclusives, such as early access to cosmetic bundles and community challenges. A beta test exclusively for PlayStation users is also set to begin on August 7, and will run until August 9.

Marvel’s Avengers is set for a September 4 release on PS4, Xbox One and PC. PS5 and Xbox Series X versions are expected to be released following the consoles’ launch.

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