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‘Marvel’s Avengers’ includes exclusive skins for Virgin and Verizon customers

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Those who purchase special packs of 5 Gum in the US can claim special in-game emotes

Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics seem to have more exclusive treats up their sleeves for next month’s Marvel’s Avengers, according to a new leak that shows exclusive skins for Virgin and Verizon network customers.

Twitter user PlayAvenger compiled a list of unannounced exclusive content for the upcoming superhero game, which includes skins, emotes and future cosmetic releases. Check out the Twitter thread below.

Per PlayAvenger’s tweets, Verizon and Virgin customers can look forward to a pack of exclusive in-game skins. The skins will be identical across the two networks. The unlock criteria is currently unclear, but it looks like subscribers will receive red and white skins for all six base heroes. Verizon’s website notes that the skins are timed exclusives.

A second skin pack will be made available to Intel users. The pack comes with a retro Thor skin complete with his classic winged helmet, a variation of Black Widow’s costume, a stars-and-stripes themed Captain America, a colour swapped variant of Ms Marvel, a blue Hulk sporting tribal livery, and an early variant of Iron Man’s armour.

The leak from PlayAvenger also reveals that a further promotion will be available in the US as a collaboration with 5 Gum chewing gum. A variety of rewards are included including a Ms Marvel nameplate, in-game currency and a bubblegum emote for Kamala Khan.

The latest exclusive content leak comes a week after additional PlayStation exclusives were announced. The PlayStation exclusives include Spider-Man as a playable character sometime early next year, early access to cosmetics, and community challenges.

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