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‘Medal Of Honor: Above And Beyond’ brings WWII action to VR

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Players will be immersed into historical battles such as the storming of Omaha beach

Respawn Entertainment is working on a new VR Medal Of Honor title known as Above And Beyond and will place players on the frontlines of World War II.

Medal Of Honor: Above And Beyond will take place during the historic events of World War II, and is expected to release later this year for both Oculus Rift and Quest. Missions will range from first-person shooter stages, to vehicle based levels set in both the sky and land.

The story will take players across a series of locales and famous battles throughout World War 2. Medal Of Honor: Above And Beyond’s trailer outlines some of the harrowing sequences players will embark on with such inclusions as the storming of the beach at Omaha.

The trailer also showcases a variety of actions players can utilise in VR, including features such as using dynamite to blow away doors and smashing enemy soldiers over the head with ornaments. It’s also said that the game will be based around human experience and have a focus on espionage, as well as bombastic set-pieces.

Check out the explosive story trailer below:

Respawn Entertainment has released an in-depth look into the game’s development on the official site. In the first blog, the developer delves into many of the inspirations and methods behind the game, such as sound design and interviews with World War 2 veterans.

Medal Of Honor: Above And Beyond game director, Peter Hirschmann, said the game’s use of the tragic events are “to be grounded and emotionally authentic [and] to be as true as we can to the experiences of people that fought through it and lived through it”.

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