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‘Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond’ releases to negative Steam reviews

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“If I can’t grab the object my hand is touching… That’s broken”

VR-only game Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond released on December 11, and has started to receive a range of negative reviews that have taken its overall rating to ‘mixed’.

Respawn Entertainment‘s VR game promised to bring immersive WW2 action to the Oculus Rift and Quest, but players are not pleased with its implementation.

Most of the reviews on Steam come in at under three hours, but there are a lot of common threads between them such as a lack of graphics options, poor performance, bugs, and underbaked mechanics.

One Steam review says: “I consider things like the grenade model overlap bugged and broken. If I can’t grab the object my hand is touching… That’s broken.”

Another review focuses on the basic implementation of object interaction compared to more recent VR games, adding: “The actual interaction of the objects after you grab them though, is really bad. Most if not all objects have set places on the object the player can grab, so if you grab one end of a big object, it may force the object to flip around and grab it from the defined point.”

The game made headlines for its rather demanding recommended specs. Writing for Eurogamer, Wesley Yin-Poole compared the tech requirements to Valve’s flagship VR game Half-Life: Alyx, saying that Medal of Honor was asking for “a more powerful processor, more memory and a better graphics card.”

Over on the Reddit page for Oculus, Mike “Mdoran” Doran has outlined details of a patch coming to the game as a result of player feedback. The post promises that “Smooth turning, fixes for weapon grabbing issues in Quartermaster, and Other misc. bug fixes and quality of life improvements.”

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