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Mediatonic confirms ‘Fall Guys’ Season 2 will begin next week

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The season will have a medieval theme and come with some huge changes

Season 2 of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is right around the corner, and developer Mediatonic has showcased some of the new features headed to the game

The developer has announced that Season 2 will launch on October 8 and will feature a medieval theme with brand new stages. Season 1 will on October 2, a week before the update releases, however, double fame points can be obtained while players wait for the new season.

With season two, the medieval theme will take full advantage of its setting with castle walls that need giant blocks to be pushed in order to scale them, and new customisable skins such as witches, mages, knights and dragons.

You can read the full announcement tweet below:

The Fall Guys Twitter account has also released a video outlining the new character customisation, revealing that there will now be an interface tab in the customisation menu which allows more ways to personalise your character.

Banners will give the opportunity to showcase an artistic name tag for your character, featuring various colours and symbols such as a pizza, watermelon and a pride flag. Additionally, a selection of nicknames will now be added to choose from to resemble your playstyle, with such choices as “Cool Bean” and “Sir Hugs A Lot”.

Check out the full video below:

It’s also been revealed that a fan-requested feature will be added. Squads of players will now be able to see all of their characters falling together at the beginning of a match, opposed to just the initial players.

Last month (September), Fall Guys released a mid-season update which drastically changed things up. New round variations were implemented to throw off hardcore players, and numerous anti-cheater detections were made to reduce the amount of hacked games.

Fall Guys initially released back in August and quickly broke the record for the most downloaded PlayStation Plus game. Steam sales were also high with a reported number of 7million units being sold.

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