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Mediatonic is working on round variations for ‘Fall Guys’

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The changes are expected to arrive as a mid-season update

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is set to receive level variations as a mid-season update, Mediatonic has announced.

Season two of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout launched earlier this month (October 8) and introduced a medieval theme through multiple new stages, costumes and new battle pass tiers. The developer is now looking to spruce things up in a mid-season update by injecting some round variation into the game’s stages.

One of the modes that could be receiving the update is ‘Perfect Match’, the memory matching mini-game. According to a tweet from the developer, a swinging bar for players to avoid while also solving the puzzle could be introduced when the update goes live.

Check out the tweet below.

Round variations will work similarly to the mid-season update in the first season. That update added numerous new features to various pre-existing levels. A giant hammer known as the ‘Big Yeetus’ was also introduced to gauntlet rounds. With substantial force, players can be thrown across the map by the hammer. Its addition adds a risk and reward mentality for those who choose to use it.

Other modes also got a mix-up such as ‘Gate Crash’ changing up the sequence that the level’s doors moved, and other stages having tumbling fruit added to the equation.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is also crossing over with Sega’s iconic mascot, Sonic The Hedgehog. For a limited time players are able to purchase the much loved character’s outfit with in-game crowns.

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