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MF DOOM fan shares clips of unofficial GameBoy game prototype based on the rapper

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The game also features a cameo from Madlib’s Quasimoto

An MF DOOM fan has shared a pair of clips from an unofficial GameBoy game prototype they were working on that features the late rapper and producer.

News of DOOM’s death was confirmed on Thursday night (December 31) by his wife Jasmine, who posted a tribute on the hip-hop legend’s Instagram account. She revealed DOOM (real name Daniel Dumile) died on October 31, 2020. His cause of death has not yet been confirmed.

As tributes continue to pour in, one Twitter user (@CHAFOMON) shared two clips of a GameBoy game prototype they created based on DOOM.

In the clips, an animated DOOM is seen walking around his studio and exploring the local area, complete with a cameo from Madlib’s Quasimoto.

“Some of you may remember me working on an unofficial DOOM GameBoy game earlier this year,” CHAFOMON wrote. “I’d ended up scrapping the idea due to the obvious licensing issues I would have encountered, but now is probably as good of a time as ever to share the bit of prototype I did get done…”

“The graphics were mainly all drawn by me, but I did lift and modify some items from a few other GB RPG games (such as Pokemon),” CHAFOMON continued. “I never got around to making any sound for it either. I probably should have added a voice over here, but I’m not my most upbeat with DOOM having passed.”

CHAFOMON added: “That’s supposed to be Quasimoto on the rooftop of the record store taking a smoke break… but his walking pattern is randomly programmed, so it was kinda hard to see him.”

Meanwhile, Flying Lotus has revealed that he and DOOM were working on an EP together before the rapper’s death.

After paying tribute to DOOM on Twitter, a fan suggested to FlyLo that fans had been anticipating more collaborations from the two – specifically a longer project – to which he revealed they’d actually been working on such a project.

“I hate to say this but we were actually working on an EP,” he wrote. “There were more songs that I haven’t even heard.” FlyLo didn’t give anymore details, but it seems the pair didn’t get to wrap it up before DOOM died.

Elsewhere, Lupe Fiasco has paid tribute to MF DOOM with a new freestyle.

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