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Microsoft calls Xbox Series X line-up its “most diverse collection of first-party games”

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“The best launch lineup position that we’ve ever been on Xbox”

Xbox chief Phil Spencer is confident that Microsoft’s current line-up of first-party games for the Xbox Series X is the company’s strongest ever.

In an exclusive interview with Polygon, Spencer spoke about Microsoft’s slate of exclusives for the Xbox consoles for the “next couple of years”, and why it’s adopting a completely different strategy from gaming rival Sony.

During the course of the interview, Spencer spoke about Microsoft’s investment in its first-party studios, and how that led to “the most diverse collection of first-party games that we’ve ever had”.

“I honestly think we’re in the best launch lineup position that we’ve ever been on Xbox,” Spencer added. “When I think about the strength and depth of the games that people are going to be able to play day one on Xbox Series X — not only because of [backward compatibility] — and the way that Game Pass really allows the total cost of ownership of our console, I think is a real strength.”

Microsoft’s first wave of first-party games for the Xbox Series X – which will also be available on the Xbox One and other systems – will be revealed on July 23. The event will be will be headlined by Halo Infinite.

Spencer also addressed Microsoft’s new release strategy for games, where it will release first-party games across different console generations and on the PC. “I think the fundamental difference is that we’re trying to grow an Xbox ecosystem,” Spencer said.

“We’re trying to build that around the player and give the player choice. If they choose to play on their television on a console, we want to have absolutely the best console experience. And I think we have that,” he added.

Microsoft previously announced that the upcoming Xbox Series X console will support all Xbox One games, except for those that require the now-discontinued Kinect.

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