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Microsoft’s new studio The Initiative announces a ‘Perfect Dark’ game

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The first entry in the series since 2010

The Initiative has revealed its very first project, a new entry in the Perfect Dark series.

Microsoft’s newly formed studio will operate as a first-party studio for the company, with its first release being a Perfect Dark reboot. The game is expected to launch for Xbox consoles and PC, however, there is no release window yet.

The first trailer provides a look into the futuristic world of Perfect Dark, a version of earth ravaged by fires and storms, now run by corporations. Viewers were treated to a first-look at the setting for the game, introducing the female protagonist who is opposing the corporations.

Check out the trailer below:

In a developer interview, the team described Perfect Dark as a “blockbuster secret agent” game and a reinvention of the franchise. It also added how the team has had to rethink how the game can fit into in a modern era, whilst also embracing its roots.

The game is said to belong in the “eco sci-fi” genre, with the world suffering an ecological disaster that bring corporations together to protect the earth. It’s said to be a “hopeful” world on the surface, with darkness laying within.

Watch the full development interview below:

The Initiative is set to operate in the same manner as studios such as God Of War’s developer, Santa Monica Studios, and is led by Darrell Gallagher who previously worked at Crystal Dynamics.

Perfect Dark will join other first-party games including Halo Infinite and the Fable reboot, as part of Xbox Game Studios’ line-up, with Halo Infinite being the first to release late next year.

Despite the announcements, the Xbox Series X line-up for 2021 is relatively light on exclusive titles, only headlined by games such as The Medium and Scorn, the latter of which is still yet to receive a release date.

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