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‘Minecraft Dungeons’ DLC ‘Flames Of The Nether’ release date confirmed

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Free content included

Flames of the Nether, the latest Minecraft Dungeons DLC, will be launching in February, according to the game’s official Twitter account.

The paid expansion will be available from February 24, offering fans the chance to play six new missions. The pack will also include a selection of new gear and weapons, along with artefacts, skins and a new pet – the Baby Ghast.

The Minecraft Dungeons’ official Twitter account said that the DLC would be “one of our biggest free updates ever” and that it was the first “interdimensional” adventure to come to the series. reports that Minecraft Dungeons will also be getting a range of new free content, including a new gameplay feature.

Ancient Hunts will add procedurally generated missions in which players chase down groups of Ancients – gathering gold and Gilded weapons.

This free content will blend with the DLC, causing Hunts to take place between dimensions and installing a Piglin inside their camps to trade with.

More details on the Apocalypse Plus element of the content are set to be announced in the coming days.

Flames of the Nether will be included in the Season Pass, which costs £14.99. It is one of four DLCs that will be offered – alongside the previously released Howling Peaks pack.

The Microsoft game is now available on all main consoles and PC, but PlayStation have recently been seen to be working on their first-ever cross-platform game. A credited leaker has released box art images of The Show 21 for Xbox One, a game created by PlayStation Studios.

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