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‘Minecraft Dungeons’ to receive cross-play, two new DLCs

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The first content pack launches in July

Mojang Studios has revealed that Minecraft Dungeons will receive two new DLCs later this year, plus cross-platform play in the future.

The new content was announced by Mojang’s Cristina Anderca on the Minecraft blog. The first DLC, ‘Jungle Awakens’, is set to arrive in July and will feature three brand-new missions where players will be tasked with defeating hidden enemies in a “distant dangerous jungle”.

The second DLC is titled ‘Creeping Winter’ and, as per its name, will allow players to “explore some frozen peaks”. More information regarding the second content update will be released later this year.

Both DLCs will be available for free to players who purchased the Hero Edition of Minecraft Dungeons. It is currently unknown whether the two content packs will be available separately. The pricing plans are also not yet available.

In addition to the two DLCs, Minecraft Dungeons players will also receive more free content, “regardless of edition”. In the post, Anderca also added that cross-platform play is currently being worked on by the team, but did not specify a timeline for release.

Minecraft Dungeons is the latest game to announce the introduction of cross-platform play, following Behaviour Interactive’s Dead By Daylight, which will receive the update sometime this year, alongside ‘add friends’ and ‘search’ functions.

Minecraft Dungeons is a dungeon crawler based on Mojang’s sandbox game, Minecraft. It was released on May 26 for the PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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