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‘Minecraft’ Java Edition will require Microsoft accounts beginning in 2021

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The migration will be “mandatory”

Minecraft developer Mojang Studios has announced that the Java Edition of Minecraft will soon require Microsoft accounts to play.

Mojang announced the news via a new blog post, detailing the change, the expected transition period and more. “[Moving] forward, all of our games will require a Microsoft account to play – including Minecraft Java Edition,” the developer said.

The developer also confirmed that the move to Microsoft accounts will not be optional. “[Migrating] from Mojang to Microsoft accounts is mandatory. If you don’t make the move, in several months you won’t be able to log in anymore – which means you won’t be able to play either,” it added

The migration period for existing players will begin in early 2021 according to Mojang and will take place in batches. Meanwhile, new players will be required to create Microsoft accounts beginning this Fall. Mojang has also released a video to explain how the migration process will work.

Mojang says that the migration to Microsoft accounts will ensure more security for Minecraft players, with two-factor authentication. In addition, players can also access all Minecraft games on PC through the same account.

Mojang has also confirmed that migration will not affect players’ ability to use custom mods and skins in the game. Players will also retain their Minecraft Java usernames. Upon migration, players will be awarded with a new cosmetic cape.

Back in August, Mojang released a Jurassic World-themed DLC for Minecraft. It let players craft and train dinosaurs, revisit and recreate iconic moments from the Jurassic Park franchise, go on expeditions and build custom exhibits. The expansion also features sixty of the most iconic dinosaurs and over twenty character skins from all five films.

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