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‘Minecraft’ to add PlayStation VR support later this month

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The mode will be a free upgrade for all new and existing players

After years of requests from players, Minecraft is set to finally receive full PlayStation VR support later this month.

Mojang’s Roger Carpenter announced the news via the PlayStation Blog, but delivered no specifics on when players can expect to get their hands on the new update. The VR support will be released through an upcoming patch for Minecraft and available for free to all owners of the base game.

The experience will allow players to play Minecraft through their headset and comes equipped with two modes. Immersive mode changes the player’s viewpoint to a first-person view with the world surrounding them in a full 360 degree range, while Living Room mode puts players in a digitally rendered room where the game is presented on a screen in front of them.

Just like the main game, players will use the DualShock 4 to explore the world and complete all the traditional actions such as mining, crafting and building. According to reports, nothing has been removed and the mode retains the full gameplay experience.

The news of the Minecraft getting PlayStation VR support marks the beginning of a week long spotlight on the peripheral. Announced in another PlayStation Blog post, the company is aiming to highlight numerous upcoming titles for the VR peripheral, including announcements and updates for previously revealed titles.

Hitman 3 has also been confirmed as getting full PS VR support at launch, and since it comes with past instalments all games included will be fully playable in the format.

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