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Modder enables haircuts for PC players of ‘Cyberpunk 2077’

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Feel free to get a new hairstyle – unless you’re bald, it seems

A modder has made it so that players can change the haircuts of their character in Cyberpunk 2077.

The in-game haircuts mod comes courtesy of Nexus Mods user Woodbricks. Editing the hex code in the save file of the game allows players to change their hairstyle to one of the 38 hairstyles in the game.

There is also an important clarification, clarifying that players who created a character with the hairstyle 39, which is completely bald, will not be able to change to any other hair type with the mod.

Cyberpunk 2077 has a wealth of character creation options in game, but has surprised critics and players alike with the lack of in-game customisation. No barbers or hairdressers exist within Night City, and as such character designs are fixed throughout the game.

Users on Reddit picked up on this quite early on, complaining about the lack of modification, and the disparity between the look of the character in-game versus the look during character creation.

The release of the game has been followed by a wave of controversy. OpenCritic have actively warned players against picking up the game on previous generation consoles, which follows CD Project Red confirming they did not spend enough time on the last-gen version.

The game has also been pulled from the PlayStation Store following many users claiming refunds. CD Projekt Red’s founders have also lost over $1 billion on their stock price since the launch of the game, and have issued several apologies to players.

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