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Mysterious, unfinished skin appears on ‘Fortnite’ Season Five

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It has sparked some enthusiastic responses on Twitter

The latest season of Fortnite left some players confused as an unfinished skin appeared in the files.

HypeX, a Fortnite content creator who has leaked information about the game previously, found the unfinished and unreleased skin. Given that this is the first time something as important as a skin has been left unused, fans began to speculate over on Twitter.

Some pointed out the skin’s similarities to Pepsiman, or that its colouring could lead to some water-themed releases:

Either way, with the attention this has gained on social media sites, it is possible the item was either put there intentionally or may be included as it is in future drops. This is the first time anything like this has been found by dataminers in Fortnite, and it remains unclear whether this skin was a template for something more complex, or merely waiting to be released.

The skin can be found in the files for all versions of the game – including the PS5 and Xbox Series X. Other updates to Season Five gameplay include map changes, the addition of an array of new skins, and integration of new franchises into the game.

Players can play as Kratos from God of War, and as The Mandalorian with the new season pass, and there have been hints that Master Chief from the HALO series may be coming soon.

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