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Naughty Dog’s ‘The Last Of Us Part II’ update includes gameplay modifiers

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Nearly 30 new graphics rendering modes and audio modifiers are also being introduced

Sony and Naughty Dog have announced a slew of new changes being introduced to The Last Of Us Part II, which will drastically change the way players experience the game.

Following the recent revelation that The Last Of Us Part II will be receiving new Grounded and permadeath modes this Thursday (13 August), developer Naughty Dog took to the PlayStation Blog to detail the rest of the changes that players can expect from the game’s first post-launch update.

Check out the trailer for the Grounded Update below.

Besides the inclusion of the two ultra-difficult modes, players will now be given an assortment of graphics rendering modes, audio accessibility options, and unlockable gameplay modifiers.

While not all of the graphics rendering options were revealed, 8-bit, sepia-toned, and black-and-white modes will be available. Four audio modifiers are also being introduced: 8-bit Audio, 4-bit Audio, Helium Audio, and Xenon Audio.

The update will also allow players to unlock special gameplay modifiers that will significantly change the feel of the game. These mods include Infinite Ammo, Infinite Crafting, One Shot (which lets players kill specific enemies with a single shot), Touch Of Death (which lets players kill certain enemies with one melee strike), Slow Motion, and Mirror World, the latter of which will flip the layout of the original game.

Lastly, several standard bug fixes, and additional improvements are being implemented. Players will now be able to disable Listen Mode, adjust Film Grain levels, gain access to additional display options and more.

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