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Netflix is beginning to shut down on both the Nintendo DS and Wii U

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The service is still yet to be made available on the Nintendo Switch

Netflix has ceased operations on both the Nintendo DS and Wii U.

The streaming app has been confirmed to have been removed from both devices as of December 31, 2021. As a result, new users are unable to download the application to their systems.

Anyone who has previously downloaded the application will be able to do so until June 30, after which the service will then be shut down completely, per a recent Nintendo support page.

Despite being available on both the Nintendo DS and Wii U, Netflix is still unavailable on the Nintendo Switch, almost four years after the console’s initial release. The streaming service was made available on day one for both the PS5 and Xbox Series consoles, so it’s unclear why it’s been emitted from the Nintendo Switch.

Outside of YouTube and other services such as Hulu, which is exclusive to the US, media applications have rarely been released on the system. The UI also remains fairly intact from day one, with very little changing in terms of customisation and themes.

Rumours have circulated that a Nintendo Switch Pro model could be released sometime this year, however, Nintendo president Doug Bowser put those rumours to rest in an interview last month (December).

The company has already kick started the New Year off with some substantial news. Yesterday, it was revealed it had acquired Next Level Games, the team behind Luigi’s Mansion 3.

One of the biggest confirmed titles for the Nintendo Switch, Monster Hunter Rise, is also scheduled to receive a digital presentation tomorrow (January 7).

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