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New animated ‘Apex Legends’ video reveals Pathfinder’s creator

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It also shows how he’s connected to other ‘Apex Legends’ characters

Respawn Entertainment has released a new episode of Stories From The Outlands that focuses on Pathfinder’s past.

The eight-minute episode, titled “Fight Night”, opens with a former detective named Victor Maldera, who is on the hunt for Alexander Nox, best known as Caustic in the game. Pathfinder, a waiter at a restaurant, soon finds himself caught in an altercation with an unruly customer but is intercepted by Maldera, who questions Pathfinder before plugging into his databank to find out more.

Pathfinder’s databank reveals that the robot was present for multiple major crimes, including Revenant murdering Loba’s parents and Caustic’s attack on Humbert Labs. Before they can dig deeper into Pathfinder’s databank, the two are interrupted and chased by a crime syndicate and Spectres.

The video also shows Maldera’s background in boxing, which he utilises to fight off the syndicate. Pathfinder quickly picks up the skill, which explains the character’s boxing gloves heirloom.

The most interesting reveal found through Pathfinder’s databank at the end of the clip shows that he was created by Dr. Amelie P. as a way to show the world that the Outlands can survive. Dr. Amelie P. speaks with a heavy French accent, and a glimpse of a baby, who players have begun to speculate is Wattson.

‘Fight Night’ is the latest clip to be released by Respawn Entertainment to give players more context on the game’s characters’ lore. The studio recently released a new audio clip of Loba’s confrontation with Revenant and his punishment for slaughtering her parents.

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