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New ‘Batman’ game teaser hints at Court Of Owls as main villain

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A full reveal is expected to arrive during DC’s upcoming FanDome event

Warner Bros. Games Montreal has released a new teaser for its upcoming Batman game, which is expected to be revealed during the upcoming DC FanDome event this weekend.

The teaser, while short and moderately uneventful, includes a blink-and-you-miss-it flash of the Court Of Owls logo, hinting that the faction could star in the upcoming game as its main villains.

Check out the teaser below.

The teaser also includes a link to a website called r3dakt3d, showing similarly mysterious messaging. The website just features the words “We hav3 been expecting you 8/18.” Fans have since begun tinkering with the website’s source code, which revealed part of a map file with an icon pinned to a fixed location.

The code was later cracked by videogame journalist Jordan Oloman. “[Looks] like we’ll be unlocking the trailer with radio numbers over the course of four days. Interesting! This suggests we’ll get the full trailer on Friday the 21st,” he noted.

It seems that WB Montreal has since deactivated the codes, as Oloman notes that “the first day [code] doesn’t result in a successful verification anymore.”

The recently released schedule for this weekend’s DC FanDome event also includes a slot on August 22 for a “Warner Bros. Games Montreal Announcement”. Rocksteady Studios is also set to reveal the first look at its upcoming Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League game during the FanDome event. The Suicide Squad game will be showcased on the same day as WB Montreal’s Batman reveal.

The upcoming Batman game is said to be developed by Warner Bros. Games Montreal, which worked on the 2013 Batman: Arkham Origins. The new game will also be the first new main entry in the series since 2015’s Arkham Knight.

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