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New ‘Civilization VI’ update adds ‘Sid Meier’s Pirates!’-inspired scenario

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Firaxis describes it as a “contest for treasure and flory on the high seas”

Firaxis has announced a new free update for Civilization VI which will introduce a new scenario, inspired by the classic Sid Meier’s Pirates! game.

The scenario directly pulls inspiration from Sid Meier’s Pirates!, according to associate producer Kevin Schultz in a new Game Update video, and can be played with up to four players. It will pit players against each other in a “contest for treasure and glory on the high seas”, accompanied by art and assets that have been updated to create a more “tropical, pirate-y atmosphere”.

It will feature four different pirate factions – the Dread Pirates, Privateers, Swashbucklers and Hoarders – each with their own unique abilities. Players will also face off against aggressive navies from AI nations such as the British, Spanish, French and Dutch.

Schultz noted that Civilization VI is a very different game from the original Sid Meier’s Pirates!, but said that “retooling the established rules of Civ 6 to work in this unique setting was an interesting challenge”. He added that specific elements, such as the relic system, were adapted to fit “really well” with the scenario.

In addition, the update will also address balance issues after fan feedback, such as the “Recruit Partisans” espionage mission and scaling of specific game elements based on game speed. The October update for Civilization VI will go live on October 22.

Watch the game update video below.

Back in August, Firaxis released an update for Civilization VI that introduced a tech tree shuffle mode. It randomises the prerequisites, cost and positions of the game’s two tech trees, which is then applied to all players in a match as to ensure a “fair and level playing field for everyone”.

Last month, the developer unveiled the Byzantium & Gaul DLC pack, which introduced the two titular civilizations as playable nations. The September DLC pack also included two new world wonders: the Biosphere, which increases appeal for marsh and rainforest tiles, and the Statue Of Zeus, which grants free military units to the civilization that builds it.

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