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New ‘Civilization VI’ update introduces Tech Shuffle Mode

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There’s also a Natural Wonder picker feature

Firaxis has detailed the updates headed to Civilization VI in its upcoming August 27 update, including a tech tree shuffle mode and more.

The most notable feature is the new Tech And Civic Shuffle Mode, which randomises the prerequisites, cost and positions of the respective tech trees. However, the same randomised tree will be applied to all players in a match as to ensure a “fair and level playing field for everyone”.

The August update will also introduce the Natural Wonder Picker. It’ll allow players to choose which natural wonder will randomly generate on the map from the available pool, based on the expansions a player owns.

“This is a great feature for players to discover some wonders that they may not have seen before or exclude some that they dislike, giving players even greater control over how they want to play the game,” Fraxis explained.

The company also went into detail about the two new features in a developer video. Watch it below.

Other changes headed to Civilization VI include the length of forest and jungle fires, as well as tweaks to Government Plaza effects. A full list of changes will be revealed when the patch notes are released alongside the update on August 27.

Last month, Firaxis released the Ethiopia Pack for Civilization VI. It introduced Ethiopia as a playable civilisation, alongside a new district called the Diplomatic Quarter that acts as a player’s “hub for foreign policy and international relations”.

The Ethiopia Pack is part of the Frontier Pass system for Civilization VI. It is set to be a year-long project consisting of six DLCs. Once complete, the season pass will add eight new civilisations, nine leaders and six fresh game modes to the title for USD$40.

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