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New ‘Dragon Age 4’ concept art revealed on Twitter

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“Here’s to new beginnings”

A new piece of concept art for BioWare’s Dragon Age 4 has appeared, courtesy of the game’s Executive Producer, Christian Daley.

The artwork, which features a heavily armoured but barefoot archer drawing a magical arrow whilst standing in front of floating terrain and rocks. Daley took to twitter to share the concept art, saying “Here’s to new beginnings…”

The tweet was also shared by Mark Darrah, who left BioWare in December 2020 along with Mass Effect creator Casey Hudson. Darrah was previously Dragon Age’s executive producer

Fans are already speculating about the artwork on Reddit, where users are trying to work out what clues it may be hiding for Dragon Age 4.

Prevailing theories suggest that the character is either an Executor or an Ancient Elf. Most fans believe that it is an Ancient Elf as the artwork depicts the character with bare feet, which is typical of elven characters in Dragon Age.

The environment also has people wondering about the setting, with user KingCobra355 suggesting that the floating rocks place the character in The Crossroads, a magical realm that features in Dragon Age: Inquisition’s “The Trespasser” DLC.

There is no release date confirmed for Dragon Age 4 yet, although the team have confirmed that they are “making progress” despite the ongoing coronavirus pandemic requiring developers to work from home.

The game was announced during the 2019 Game Awards, with a trailer being shown during the 2020 Game awards. Bioware also closed the show with a trailer for a brand new entry in its popular Mass Effect series.

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