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New explorable regions in ‘Horizon Forbidden West’ revealed

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Aloy will journey through a larger plot of land compared to the first game

Horizon Forbidden West will feature a slew of new regions for Aloy to explore, as teased by the launch trailer, but every confirmed explorable region of the upcoming game has now been revealed.

The reveal was made in the September issue of the Official PlayStation Magazine. According to the article, Horizon Forbidden West will be set between Utah and the Pacific Ocean.

Aloy’s journey will involve traveling across California, Nevada, and some regions of Utah. The announcement trailer showcased Aloy exploring San Francisco, with the inclusion of the the Ferry Building, and the Palace of Fine Arts, and the Golden Gate Bridge.

Official screenshots of the highly anticipated upcoming game from Guerrilla Games also depicts Aloy exploring a desert area, which is believed to be a now-dilapidated Nevada.

It is also said that Horizon Forbidden West‘s map will be bigger than that of Horizon Zero Dawn. Director Mathijs de Jonge said in a video that the PlayStation 5 has allowed the team to push beyond their limits in creating an expansive open world.

Horizon Forbidden West will see Aloy go up against a new threat, named the Red Blight, a mass of red vines that infect its way into lifeforms and the environment. The red blight is also seemingly responsible for the “supercell storms,” a chaotic swirl of wind and red lightning that covers the sky.

Horizon Forbidden West is expected to launch on PlayStation 5 in 2021.

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