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New ‘NieR: Automata’ cheat discovered nearly four years after release

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This appears to be Yoko Taro’s “final secret”

A new cheat code has been discovered for NieR: Automata, almost four years after the game first released.

The cheat code was discovered by Lance McDonald, a well known hacker and modder who frequently takes apart games to find secrets. His most famous hack included discovering that Lisa, the haunting stalker of PT, continues to behave in horrifying ways while off screen.

McDonald spent “hundreds of hours reverse engineering” everything in the game. He wasn’t looking for this code in particular – no one knew it existed – but was just trying to find any interesting features, when he stumbled onto the code.

The code allows you to face the final ending immediately after fighting the first boss. NieR: Automata has several endings, many of which can’t be accessed until two or three playthroughs, but this code lets you bypass them all.

McDonald explains that he didn’t break the game to achieve this. It’s not a bug, glitch, or exploit. It’s “an actual cheat code” intentionally coded into the game.

Two years ago, NieR: Automata’s director Yoko Taro teased that there was “one final secret” yet to be discovered in the game. McDonald tweeted a video of himself performing to code to Yoko Taro, who seemed to confirm that this was indeed the “final secret.”

In other NieR news, Automata recently hit five million sales, while a NieR: Replicant remaster is due out later this year.

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