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New ‘Outriders’ Broadcast reveals story mission, world tier system

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The episode also feature a deep dive into the Trickster class

People Can Fly have dropped the first episode of Outsiders Broadcast, the first in a monthly series of in-depth videos about its upcoming game.

In this first video, the company provided a deep dive into Outriders the Trickster class, one of four available in the game. The clip also features an exploration of one of the story missions, as well as how the game’s difficulty scaling will work.

Watch the broadcast below.

The broadcast opens with the developers playing through a story mission called “Salvation” with Pyromancer class. The quest takes place in The First City, which is infested with mutated alien creatures. The footage previewed the game’s three-person shooter controls, with elements such as taking cover behind metal beams and picking up materials for crafting.

The “Spotlight” portion of the broadcast focused on the Trickster, an assassin class that the developer described as “for players who like to get in and out quick, leaving devastation in your wake”. However, the video also noted that, depending on the build, the Trickster can also be used as a tank. People Can Fly also unveiled a couple of the Trickster’s abilities. They include Temporal Slice, which summons a blade that the character uses to slow enemies, and Borrowed Time, which creates a shield for the Trickster while leaving behind an illusion.

Outriders will also feature a “flexible difficulty system” called World Tiers which will “originally find the right challenging difficulty” for each individual player. There are fifteen tiers in total, with the higher levels representing a higher degree of difficulty, similar to the Torment tiers mechanic in Diablo III.

Players can climb the World Tier by playing the game and earning experience, but progress towards the next tier will be lost whenever a character dies. Each unlocked tier will also reward players with new loot and resources, increased drop rates for rare items plus the ability to equip better weapons.

Outriders is scheduled to be published by Square Enix on next-gen consoles (the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X), current-gen systems (PlayStation 4 and Xbox One) as well as PC during the 2020 Holiday system.

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