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New ‘Pokemon’ Dynamax wristband toys have been revealed

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The closest you’ll get to being a real life Pokemon trainer

Toy company Takara Tomy has announced new Pokemon Dynamax bands which simulates the Dynamax evolution and is even compatible with some Pokemon games.

Dynamaxing was a new feature added for the most recent Pokemon main releases, Pokemon Sword and Shield. It replaces Mega Evolutions, and allows your ‘mons to grow to huge sizes, gaining a new form and stronger attacks.

Unlike Mega Evolutions, Dynamaxing is available to every creature. However, only certain specific ones get a new form, and Dynamaxing only lasts four turns, while Mega Evolutions last the entire battle.

The Takara Tomy wristband will light up and create sound effects which mimic Dynamaxing. It also features a Cheer mode, which includes catchphrases from characters like Ash, Goh, and Leon.

The wristband is also compatible with Mezastar Arcade, which is currently only available in Japan. Mezastar Arcade is a co-op Pokemon game, and players will soon be able to use the wristband to activate Dynamaxing in the game.

The wristband will be on sale in Japan, but does include worldwide shipping. While nothing has been revealed of Mezastar Arcade coming to the West, Pokemon and Nintendo are no strangers to peripherals.

Like many first party Nintendo games, several ‘mons have their own amiibos. There’s also the Go Plus and Pokeball Plus, both of which can be used with Pokemon Go and a variety of Pokemon games on the Nintendo Switch.

Super Nintendo Land, due to open on February 4, also features interactive wristbands which unlock new features. These wristbands were revealed by Super Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto, who recently led fans on a video tour of the upcoming theme park.

In other Pokemon news, one fan theory tries to unravel the mystery of which Pokemon came first: Mew, or Arceus?

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