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New ‘Pokémon Sword and Shield’ 2021 art shared by Game Freak

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Starting the Year of the Ox with some bovine inspiration

Game Freak have shared new Pokémon Sword and Shield artwork to welcome in 2021, a year that promises to be a big one for the Pokémon franchise.

2021 is the Year of the Ox, and the new artwork honours this with firework reimaginings of Miltank, Bouffalant, Gastrodon, and Tauros. The fireworks hover over a music festival headlined by Rillaboom, Toxtricity, and Obstagoon – with plenty of other Pokémon in attendance.

The new year inspired image heralds the end of 2020 which was an excellent year for Pokémon fans and the franchise itself. Pokémon Home released, gathering Pokémon from various games into one place for the first time, and Pokémon Sword and Shield got two massive DLC expansions entitled Isle of Armor and The Crown Tundra.

2021 marks Pokémon Red and Green’s 25th anniversary in Japan, an event which is sure to see some significant celebration. Rumours persist of a new product especially in honour of the anniversary, but nothing official has been announced yet.

The year also brings plenty of Pokémon excitement with the previously announced Pokémon Snap and Detective Pikachu 2. A remake of Diamond and Pearl has also been rumoured by a prominent Nintendo leaker, although nothing has yet been announced.

Nintendo have been remaking the Pokémon games over the years, with the latest remakes being Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire for the Nintendo 3DS in 2014.

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