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New ‘Pokemon: Yellow’ Easter egg discovered 22 years after release

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Thunder can replace Flash if Pikachu learns it in the Rock Tunnel

Pokemon Yellow fans have discovered a new Easter egg in the game, 22 years after it was first released.

The surprise was shared by Twitter user and Pokemon YouTuber Dobbs, and involves the Rock Tunnel in the game. This tunnel leads players to Lavender Town for the first time, and is pitch black upon entry.

Ordinarily, a player must use HM05 to teach a Pokemon Flash to light up the cave. In Pokemon Yellow, that Pokemon is usually Pikachu, although it doesn’t have to be.

While Flash is not officially necessary for players to complete the Rock Tunnel, without it the screen is entirely black – rendering the various puzzles of the tunnel near impossible. Until recently, Flash was thought to be the only way to illuminate it, although Dobbs has discovered another way.

If Pikachu learns either Thunderbolt or Thunder in the Rock Tunnel, talking to it will cause it to spark and briefly light up the screen. While this is not permanent like Flash, it does reveal the whole screen and can be used repeatedly to complete the tunnel.

While the Rock Tunnel is in Pokemon Red, Pokemon Blue, and Pokemon Yellow, this Easter egg only features in the latter. That’s because in Pokemon Yellow, your Pikachu follows you around in the world, and so can be interacted with easily.

In other Pokemon news, Pokemon Go players have discovered that Klefki can be caught in southern England, despite being exclusive to France.

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