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New PS5 update improves system stability and other known issues

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An issue involving games deleting themselves has also been rectified

Sony has released another update for the PS5 which aims to help system stability and other known issues.

Last week (November 17), the company pushed the first post-launch update to console owners which aimed to improve the system’s stability. Today (November 25), another update has been released to achieve the same results.

The update, which is v20.02-2.26, comes in at 886MB and according to the patch notes: “This system software update improves system performance”, as well as fixing an issue where installed games would delete themselves and a problem where the console would not charge controllers via rest mode from the front.

A PlayStation Support page also outlined what the previous update accomplished. Along with improving system performance, the update reportedly fixed an issue where games couldn’t be downloaded and were stuck in a “Queued for Download” state.

Since the PS5’s launch, a number of bugs and issues have arisen that have plagued many owners. Many have run into a storage glitch issue which seems to affect owners who use the console’s rest mode. Others have reported instances of system’s crashing and the console forcing owners to complete a system rebuild upon relaunch.

YouTube critic ACG also hit the same problem, but was unfortunate to have the system completely die on him following it happening numerous times.

For those who are still yet to receive a console, getting one has proven hard as scalpers have been reselling them for extortionate prices and Amazon packages have seemingly been stolen.

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