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New ‘Star Wars Squadrons’ loadout customisation details revealed

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Players will be able to customise their own ships and pilots

Electronic Arts (EA) has released a slew of new information regarding the customisation options that will feature in the upcoming Star Wars Squadrons game.

In a new Pilot Briefing post, which serves as EA’s pre-release guide to Star Wars Squadrons, the development team breaks down what players can expect from the game’s customisation options.

Most fighters will come with seven component slots, three passive and four active, that can be equipped with unlockable components. Fighter-types without shields will only have six slots.

Passive components include engines, hulls and shields, that can be swapped to improve the ship’s performance in a specific area, but will likely come at a cost. For example, a shield system that has higher resistance to blaster fire will be more vulnerable to missiles.

Active systems will include primary weapons, two auxiliary components and countermeasures. Each primary weapon will differ from the other, with different capabilities that will “more radically change” the game’s experience.

“Each option will provide you with a unique experience and can excel in different situations, but finding the ones which are better suited to how you want to engage the enemy is most important,” advises EA.

The auxiliary components include a repair astromech, tractor beam, torpedoes, bombs and mines. Players will only be able to choose one of each component, meaning they won’t have two repair units, or two of the same missiles.

The countermeasure components impact how players disengage from head-to-head fights. “Some examples are seeker warheads that your ship fires behind you to take out incoming missiles or a sensor jammer to prevent missile lock-ons,” the post explains.

The passive components offer an improvement of either the player’s engines, hull, or shields at the cost of one of the ones they don’t choose. A default loadout will be very well balanced, without a major strength or weakness, but can be swapped around by the player to create the experience they hope to achieve.

Besides just functional customisation, the game will also feature a heavy emphasis on cosmetic options. Players will be able to customise the look of their pilots, including headgear and flight suits.

The cockpit can also be tweaked to include a hologram of the galaxy, a tiny Stormtrooper helmet, or an Ewok bobblehead. EA has previously confirmed that while the cosmetic changes can be seen by everyone, players will be given the option to turn off other player’s modifications.

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