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Next ‘Doom Eternal’ PC update will remove its anti-cheat system

A launch date for the patch was not announced

id Software has announced that its next PC update for Doom Eternal will remove the Denuvo Anti-Cheat system that has been negatively received by players.

Doom Eternal executive producer Marty Stratton revealed the news on the game’s subreddit page. The lengthy post touched on a number of topics, from the anti-cheat removal, plus an explanation on why it was implemented in the first place, as well as other bug fixes. An expected date for the update was not announced.

The Denuvo Anti-Cheat system was introduced to Doom Eternal on PC last week, when the game’s first major post-launch update was released. The Denuvo Anti-Cheat uses a kernel-mode driver that can access players’ operating system which concerned fans.

Stratton explained how the inclusion of the system in Update 1 came to be, citing of factors that the team felt was necessary at the time. These included the need to “establish cheat protection in the campaign now in preparation for the future launch of Invasion”, the effectiveness of “Kernel-level integrations” to prevent cheating and that the “Denuvo’s integration met our standards for security and privacy”.

“As we examine any future of anti-cheat in Doom Eternal, at a minimum we must consider giving campaign-only players the ability to play without anti-cheat software installed, as well as ensure the overall timing of any anti-cheat integration better aligns with player expectations”, Stratton added.

The post also addressed several bugs, including crashes caused by customisable skins and memory-related issues that should improve overall stability for players. The update will also undo a change to VRAM allocation that the company believes causes performance issues on PC.

Besides the Denuvo Anti-Cheat system, Doom Eternal’s Update 1 also introduced Empowered Demons, which jump from one player’s game to another, growing stronger with every player they kill. It also includes a new a death report screen, plus the return of Echelon Leveling (from 2016’s Doom) for players who have reached the level cap.

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