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Nintendo announces February NES and SNES Switch online titles

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Nintendo recently announced the next set of retro games it plans to release as part of its Nintendo Switch Online service

Nintendo have just announced the next set of retro games in the Nintendo Switch Online service – keep up to date with all their news here.

Releasing on February 17 as part of Nintendo’s monthly subscription service, players will soon be able to download the SNES titles Doomsday Warrior, Psycho Dream, Prehistorik Man and the NES title Fire ‘n Ice.

Doomsday Warrior tasks players with saving Earth from a menacing squad of super-human fighters in an early 1990s SNES fighting game. In Psycho Dream, you can take control of Ryō or Maria in a time-limited battle against a horde of monsters, set in 20th century Japan.

The platform game Prehistorik Man lets players journey through the Stone Age as Sam the cave man, tasked with returning your village’s stolen food.

The only NES title this month, Fire ‘n Ice (also known as Solomon’s Key 2), is a puzzle game in which players must extinguish flames by kicking or dropping blocks of ice onto them.

The release of Psycho Dream, originally called Dream Probe and set for a US release, was originally cancelled and remained a Japanese exclusive until now. While reviews were initially mixed, its focus on advancing through the game as quickly as possible might strike a chord with speedrunners.

The four games will be released alongside the growing library of NES and SNES games, which players have access to through the Nintendo Switch Online Service. The library features the likes of Legend of Zelda, Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Metroid and Star Fox.

The Nintendo Switch Online service also includes the ability to voice chat and cloud save, enabling players to back up their saves on the cloud should their Nintendo Switch break.

Nintendo recently announced a collaboration with Burger King, which will see the release of six free Nintendo-themed toys included as part of kids and Super Mario Meals.

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