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Nintendo appears to leak new Switch game ahead of release

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The leak was spotted on the Nintendo website

Visitors to the Nintendo website have noticed an accidental upload pertaining to an upcoming Switch and Switch Lite game.

The official Nintendo website was seen to include information about Republique, a stealth game that has previously been available on every other platform aside from the Xbox. The link has since been removed.

Republique appeared to be listed at $10, and was scheduled for release on February 25, but the website provides no other details as of yet.

Republique began as an IOS game, branching out onto consoles and PCs over the years. An episodic stealth-action game, players utilise their phone or computer to help main character Hope escape her captor.

The game is set in a totalitarian dystopia, in which the player can ‘hack’ electronic devices to monitor Hope’s progress. Developer Ryan Payton cites his main influences as Nineteen Eighty-Four, Metal Gear, and Resident Evil.

Republique was initially a Kickstarter project, raising over $555,000. Since then it has gone on to collect positive reviews and press from all console releases. As reported by, Thursday release dates are usually suspect, but given the location of this leak it can be assumed to hold significant validity.

Earlier in the month, GameFly were responsible for leaking information about Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighbourville – Complete, which is coming to the Switch and Switch Lite. Nintendo have yet to confirm this information, but the game is alleged to release on March 19.

In other game leak news, Devolver Digital have denied alleged rumours that Fall Guys is coming to Xbox Game Pass, stating “there are no plans for Fall Guys to come to any form of Gamepass”.

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