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Nintendo introduces digital game pre-order cancellation option for Switch

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Gamers have until seven days before to launch to cancel pre-orders

Nintendo has finally implemented an eShop function for the Nintendo Switch that gamers have long been asking for: Digital game pre-order cancellations.

Gamers can now cancel games that they have pre-ordered digitally, and will not be billed upfront, like it has been since the Nintendo Switch launched in 2017. The new function was announced via the Nintendo of Japan website, and was subsequently translated and confirmed by Engadget.

Gamers can now pre-order games digitally, and will be given the chance to cancel the pre-order until a week before the game launches. Gamers will be billed for the game seven days before the title is released, at which point refunds will not be entertained.

The new refund policy begun on September 1, according to Nintendo Of Japan, as translated by Engadget. The feature is also seemingly available in both United States and the U.K. markets, the outlet noted, adding it has tested the function in eShops of both countries.

In other Nintendo news, Animal Crossing: New Horizons has kicked off a new season with its latest September update. The seasonal update marks the start of Fall within the game, and introduces a host of new bugs, fish, crafting components and recipes. The update is available now.

A new ersion of the Nintendo Switch has also been rumoured to launch within the first quarter of 2021, in tandem with the fourth anniversary of the Switch’s 2017 debut. While Nintendo has not confirmed the new version, it will apparently feature a better display and be “more interactive”.

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