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Nintendo reports 300,000 accounts breached following hack

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140,000 more accounts have been revealed to be affected since the initial hack in April

Earlier this year, Nintendo confirmed 160,000 Nintendo accounts had been compromised after a breach. The Japanese gaming giant has since admitted that another 140,000 accounts have been compromised, bringing the total to 300,000.

The update was made on the company’s Japanese support website in which it stated it had contacted affected consumers with details to update their passwords for their accounts. The company also went on to say the breach was most likely a result of customers using the same password in multiple places.

While Nintendo has stated that no card information had been obtained, customers began reporting transactions made from their accounts in April, Eurogamer reported. The company has since asked users who were affected by illegal purchases to request for a refund.

The company has provided an update its website today (June 9) in light of the new information that more accounts being breached. The new statement says that “while there is no evidence that Nintendo’s databases, servers or services were breached, and while we can confirm that no credit card information was compromised, we took precautionary measures to help safeguard our customers”.

It then goes on to report that the company has “discontinued the ability to use a Nintendo Network ID to sign in to a Nintendo Account, and we have reached out to all customers whose accounts we had reason to believe were accessed without authorisation to help them take additional steps to protect themselves”.

There’s no indication of whether the further breached accounts were part of the initial circumstance back in April or in a separate, recent incident.

Following the breach of accounts, the company strongly encourages all customers to use strong, unique passwords, as well as enabling two-step verification for their accounts. The details of which can be found here.

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