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One More Level unveils release date for ‘Ghostrunner’

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A demo will also be available on September 29

One More Level has finally revealed the release date for its highly anticipated cyberpunk hack-and-slash game, Ghostrunner.

The developer took to Twitter to announce that the game will be released on October 27 on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. A new trailer was also released, showcasing the game’s quick sword-based combat, wall running, leaping between massive gaps and force powers in a cyberpunk world doused in flashy neon lights.

The tweet from One More Level also shed light on discounts and pre-order bonuses. PlayStation Plus subscribers and PC players will receive a 20 per cent discount, while Xbox One players will receive a ten per cent discount, and exclusive access to two cyber katanas.

Check out the tweet and its trailer below.

The game’s narrative revolves around players having to scale the Dharma Tower, the last shelter in a city after an apocalyptic event rocks the nation. The Tower is being controlled by evil overlord, The Keymaster, who players will have to take out.

The game is currently available in private beta testing for PC, and players will have to register interest. A demo of the game will be available on all available platforms on September 29.

In other gaming news, Dontnod Entertainment has confirmed that its upcoming psychological thriller game, Twin Mirror, will launch on December 1. The game will be one cohesive narrative experience, instead of the studio’s usual episodic model.

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