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‘Operation Steel Wave’ update announced for ‘Rainbow Six: Siege’

Two new operators have been introduced

Ubisoft has revealed ‘Operation Steel Wave’, the second season of Year 5 for its popular online multiplayer FPS, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege. ‘Operation Steel Wave’ launches in full in June, but it can be trialled on test servers starting today (May 19).

The reveal was made through a 24-minute YouTube video, in which the update’s two new operators are introduced, alongside changes to ranked play and an upgrade to the classic map House. The complete list of patch notes can be found here.

Watch the video below.

‘Operation Steel Wave’ introduces defender Melusi and attacker Ace to the game. Melusi is being described as a crowd control specialist who aids her team by gathering intel on attacker positions. Her Banshee Sonic Defense utility can be placed anywhere, and assists defenders in slowing down attackers, much like Maestro’s Evil Eye. It slows down attackers in range via a hum and is bullet-proof, so attackers will have to destroy it with an explosive or a melee attack.

On the other hand, Ace is a hard breacher who excels when he’s on the front line of his team’s assault. He comes equipped with a SELMA gadget that behaves similarly to Hibana’s X-Kairos, albeit less explosive and more automatic. Ace’s SELMA can be thrown onto a breachable wall, and will automatically push out three explosive charges over a period of time. Unless it is stopped by defenders with an electric charge or electronic jammer, it will steadily create a bigger hole in their defences.

A new secondary device has also been announced for defenders: The Proximity Alarm. The alarm can be deployed anywhere to detect an enemy’s location. Once an attacker has passed the alarm system, it will begin beeping, alerting defenders to its location, where attackers can be ambushed.

The House map has also been reworked, with new rooms and additional bomb sites, making it larger than previous iterations. ‘Operation Steel Wave’ will also include new weapon skins, an Elite skin for Echo, a reduced price on four older Operators, ranked changes and a long list of balance changes.

A confirmed release date for Year 5, Season 2 of Rainbow Six: Siege has not been announced, although it is expected to arrive in June. Players will get to test out the new operators alongside the other additions to the game via its test server in the meantime.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege is available on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

In other Rainbow Six: Siege news, Ubisoft recently filed a lawsuit against Apple and Google for selling Area F2, a “carbon copy” of its game, on the App Store and Google Play, respectively. The publisher claimed it had notified Apple and Google of Area F2’s copyright infringement, but the companies refused to remove the game from their stores

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