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Over 2million ‘PUBG Mobile’ accounts were banned last week

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More than a quarter of the banned accounts modified their characters

PUBG Mobile publisher Tencent Holdings has announced that it banned over 2million accounts last week.

The company revealed the results of its wide-ranging ban through the official PUBG Mobile Twitter account. Dubbed the “Ban Pan”, Tencent confirmed that over 2million accounts were permanently banned in the span of a week, from December 11 and December 17, for an array of cheats and hacks.

Of the 2million accounts that were banned, 31 per cent of users modified their character models, while 18 per cent enabled X-ray vision cheats. Other reasons for the bans include aim hacks, speed hacks and hacks that modify an area of damage.

A breakdown also showed the percentages of account tiers that were banned. Nearly a quarter of the banned accounts were Bronze tier, while the Diamond and Platinum tiers were responsible for 17 and 15 percent of the accounts respectively.

Check out the full statistics below.

A similar ban took place in late August earlier this year and produced similar results, although the August ban also resulted in specific devices being banned from running the game. A device ban was not reported for the Ban Pan.

Earlier this year, Infinity Ward also carried out similar ban waves in its online multiplayer games, Call Of Duty: Warzone and Modern Warfare. It led to the developer banning over 20,000 accounts in October for using the EngineOwning cheat.

In other news, Twitch has announced that it will be banning words like “simp” and ‘incel” when used as insults on the platform. The words will only warrant action when reported, and will not be banned entirely. The new policy will take effect from January 22, 2021.

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