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Over 400 games are in the works for Google Stadia

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The platform’s roadmap features titles from 200 developers

There are about 400 games in development for the Google Stadia, according to Jack Buser, the service’s director of games.

Buser revealed the figure during an interview with MobileSyrup, where he spoke briefly about the service’s roadmap of games for the future. The titles are all set to launch within the next few years, with the exec’s team already planning its launch plans for 2022, although Buser did not mention specific games.

“What I can tell you is that we’ve built a roadmap of about 400 games in development right now from 200 developers,” Buser said. “So when those games land, whether it’s in the calendar year of 2021 or beyond, is something that you’ll hear more from us in the future.”

“But frankly speaking, my team is almost done with 2021. We’re thinking about 2022 right now – that’s our focus. 2023 is really kind of where we’re aiming our sights. 2021 is in incredible shape,” he added.

Buser also noted that the figure is indicative of the company’s commitment to the cloud streaming service. “Gaming is one of the biggest businesses at Google. If you look across Stadia, [Google] Play and YouTube, it’s so incredibly important to our company. Which is why you see us investing so much time and energy to support all these hundreds of developers building all these games,” he said.

Google previously revealed that it is currently working on a web app version of Stadia for iOS devices. The web app will be available through the Safari browser, much like how the iOS versions of other cloud gaming services, like Microsoft’s xCloud and Nvidia’s GeForce Now, will work.

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