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Paradox unveils release date for new ‘Europa Universalis IV’ DLC

‘Emperor’ is less than a month away

Paradox Interactive has announced a release date for Europa Universalis IV: Emperor, the upcoming DLC for its long-running grand strategy series.

Emperor launches on June 9 for PC and will expand gameplay options for the Papacy, the Holy Roman Empire and Revolutionary movements. The pack also adds over 20 new missions for a slew of nations and tweaks the mechanics for religions.

Other changes include “a freshly redrawn map of the continent” as well as the introduction of the Hegemony system, which rewards great powers when they fulfill certain conditions. The new release date dropped alongside a new trailer for the DLC.

Watch it here:

Emperor is the 16th overall DLC for Europa Universalis IV, which was first released in 2013. The last content pack, Golden Century, arrived in December 2018.

Last month, Paradox Interactive announced Invasions, an expansion pack for its 2019 turn-based 4X game, Age Of Wonders: Planetfall. The DLC introduces a new race to the title, as well as other in-game twists such as voidbringer invasions and pirate uprisings. Invasions launches on May 26 for PC, the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The publisher is also set to reveal big news regarding their current titles and upcoming projects at the Guerrilla Collective, a new online-only multi-day gaming festival and convention. The event takes place from June 6 to 8, and is being touted as a “coalition leading independent game companies”.

Other studios included in the lineup include Larian Studios (which developed the Divinity series and the upcoming Baldur’s Gate III), ZA/UM (Disco Elysium), Versus Evil (The Banner Saga) and more. For the complete list of participants, check out the event’s official website.

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