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Patch 1.02 for ‘Valorant’ is live, ranked mode pushed back

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The update tweaks maps, tagging, Spike Rush mode and more

Riot Games has officially released patch 1.02 for Valorant, and with it comes some major in-game changes and fixes.

The biggest change of the patch was supposed to be the much-anticipated reintroduction of ranked mode, but that has been pushed back due to a game-breaking bug. Game director Joe Ziegler noted that the issue causes players to “every once in a while spawn in the opposing team’s spawn point.”

“We are actively trying to fix this and get it out as fast as possible, but will not turn on competitive until it is fixed,” he added. It’s unknown when the fix will be active.

Check out Ziegler’s tweet below.

However, the rest of patch 1.02 is live now, and includes updates for four agents: Viper, Jett, Reyna and Cypher. As previously reported, Viper has received the most changes, with buffs to two skills that improve her effectiveness as an agent.

On the other hand, Jett and Reyna have received minor updates for their Blade Storm ability and Soul Orbs mechanic, respectively, when they are used in tandem with agent Phoenix’s Run It Back skill. In addition, issues surrounding Cypher’s Spycam and Cyber Cage abilities have been fixed.

The update also nerfs tagging, which is the slowdown players experienced when hit by enemy bullets. Speed reduction when directly hit has been lowered from 80 per cent to 70 per cent, and reduced from 35 per cent to 25 per cent for wall penetration hits.

“When tagged, you will now more gradually transition to the reduced tagging speed. In addition, the reduced tagging speed is slightly more forgiving. If you are positioned close to cover, this should allow you to potentially escape when tagged more frequently than before,” Riot noted.

“Tagging through walls has been further reduced which should enable reliable escapes when being shot through walls.”

All four Valorant maps have also received updates to “allow clearing angles to be a bit more straightforward” in games. A new orb type has also been added to Spike Rush mode: the Tracer orb grants double the wall penetration and reveals enemies for a little under a second when they are hit.

Other changes included in the patch include the addition of a surrender option, UI changes for the menu screen, performance tweaks and bug fixes. Check out the full list of changes at the official Valorant site.

Patch 1.01 was released on June 10 and nerfed the agent Sage. The cast range for her Barrier Orb ability was reduced by half as it had allowed her to “aggressively take control of neutral territory in a way that was inappropriate for her role in Valorant”.

The patch also added new sets of orbs for Spike Rush mode: Health, which grants HP regeneration; Deception, which reduces the enemy team’s vision; Golden Gun, which turns your weapon into a one-shot, one-kill gun.

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