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‘Path of Exile’ hits its highest player count following new expansion

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“11% higher peak player numbers than any previous ‘Path of Exile’ release”

Path of Exile’s latest expansion Echoes of the Atlas has been met with the largest wave of players since its 2013 launch.

First reported by PC Gamer, the latest expansion has managed an all-time peak of 157,103 users playing on Steam on January 15, the day that Echoes of the Atlas launched to the public (figures from SteamDB)

This doesn’t reveal the extent of the playerbase however, as developers Grinding Gear Games also have a standalone client that Path of Exile can be run through, and those players do not count to the SteamDB figures.

Grind Gear Games have also had some server problems since the launch of the expansion, writing a news post that states that they have seen an “11% higher peak player numbers than any previous Path of Exile release ” which they say “would normally be something to celebrate, right now it’s causing some big server problems.”

As a result of this, the developers are acquiring some hardware upgrades for their servers, and as a result they are anticipating some downtime in the near future, as well as a potential to postpones

Echoes of the Atlas is currently available on PC right now, and will be coming to consoles on January 20. The expansion has a wealth of content on offer, featuring eleven new maps, new weapons, items, and end-game gear. There is also a boss rush style challenge that sees players fight escalating numbers of bosses with each levels of difficulty, as well as a separate wave based mode called the Ritual League.

The latest news for the the sequel, Path of Exile 2, came from head of Grinding Gear Games Chris Wilson saying that it would likely not be released in 2021, as “The progress of development hasn’t been as fast as we wanted”.

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