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Perfect World teases final act of ‘Torchlight III’ campaign

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Welcome to the dwarf fortress of Echonok

Perfect World Entertainment and Echtra Games have unveiled the final act of Torchlight III’s campaign, titled Echonok.

The new mountainous region’s main feature is a long-abandoned dwarf fortress, which is filled with the extinct race’s inventions, such as strange automatons and advanced machines. Also hidden within the peaks are the Vultura, extraterrestrials who have been using the dwarven technology to enhance their abilities.

Watch the Echonok reveal trailer below.

Echonok will be added to Torchlight III tomorrow (June 30) and wraps up the game’s three-act campaign. The game was launched into early access earlier this month, alongside the first two acts and the multiplayer mode.

Besides the addition of Echonok, the upcoming update will also re-introduces the contracts system and fame mechanic. It also includes a very long list – “18 pages long”, according to the developer – of bug fixes, UI refinements and other balance tweaks. Check out a brief rundown of the upcoming changes here.

Torchlight III was first announced as Torchlight Frontiers back in 2018, and was planned to feature a MMO-like “shared world” experience and would have been free-to-play. However, earlier this year, Perfect World and Echtra scrapped the free-to-play model in favour of a premium release instead.

In other dungeon crawler news, Blizzard Entertainment recently released a lengthy quarterly update for its upcoming action RPG, Diablo IV. Written by game director Luis Barriga, the update revealed details surrounding the title’s camp mechanic, storytelling style and how multiplayer mode works.

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