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Phil Spencer thinks ‘Halo’ still has the “potential” to be a gaming juggernaut

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“There’s something iconic about Bungie’s creation originally, about Master Chief”

After nearly two decades since its initial release, Xbox head Phil Spencer still believes that the Halo franchise has the “potential” to remain a juggernaut in gaming.

During a recent interview with GameSpot, Spencer revealed that he believes that the Halo franchise will stick “around for a long time”, adding that the series still has the “potential” to be a juggernaut in gaming.

When asked if he thinks the future of Halo will be able to recapture the momentum it had during the Xbox 360 era, Spencer said: “I definitely think it has the potential for that power. I think there’s something iconic about Bungie’s creation originally, about Master Chief.”

“When I look at how well Master Chief Collection has done as it’s gone to PC and as 343 [Industries] continues to evolve it, even now for Xbox Series X and Series S, there’s a high level of interest,” he added

Spencer did, however, note that “there are a lot more big franchises now in gaming than there were back when Halo 2 and 3 launched”, but stated that having a diversity of franchises is a good thing, as it gives players their own iconic character to look out for. “[I] have a ton of belief in Halo and 343 and where we’re going. I’ve played quite a bit of Infinite and I’m looking forward to other people getting to play.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Spencer also addressed the backlash over the graphics for Halo Infinite’s first gameplay showcase earlier this year. “I think there were certain people that were looking for Halo Infinite to be this lifelike, gritty, real-world looking game when we first showed it. And for those of us that have been around Halo for a long time, that’s never been Halo,” he remarked.

“It’s always had a certain palette and a certain look and I actually think there’s more games in the industry now that are. It’s less about how realistic or how M-[rated] can I make a game, and more about the fun and engagement that games have.”

When asked for an update on Halo Infinite following its recent internal struggles, Spencer reiterated that he has faith in the current development team. He also added that he believes turnovers are a healthy aspect of the gaming industry, as games will be worked on by “people who are really motivated”.

In recent Halo news, Halo 4 will arrive on PC via the Master Chief Collection on November 17, eight years after its original release. The port will be fully optimised for PC, and will feature a fully remastered campaign that supports up to 4K UHD resolution and 60fps.

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