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Physical edition of ‘Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020’ will come with ten discs

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It’s designed for players with a slower internet connection

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 is coming to PC this summer and the outlandish physical edition will include ten discs.

News of the physical release was made in a forum post on Aerosoft, the retail publishing partner for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. Company representative Mathijs Kok announced the boxed edition that players will be able to pick up.

“It is with great pride that we can announce that Microsoft has chosen Aerosoft as its retail publishing partner for the new Microsoft Flight Simulator,” Kok said. “Aerosoft will bring the two boxed versions of this venerable simulator to customers in Europe. Including 10 (!) double-layer DVD’s and a printed manual in a spectacular box, it is an ideal way of entering the new age of flight simulation.”

Part of the reason the set contains so many discs is that they’re printed on DVD instead of Blu-Ray, which hold a considerably smaller amount of data.

The main aim is to allow players with slower internet connections to access the game faster. There is “no difference between boxed retail and the version Microsoft sells directly”, however, any updates made after the time of printing will have to be downloaded additionally.

Kok later went on to explain what is included across the ten discs. The content comes in four parts, starting with the simulator code, which is fairly small in size. The world and aircrafts will make up the bulk discs content, totalling at 90GB. Finally, the last two parts are entirely optional consisting of online streamed content and third party files.

Microsoft Flight Simulator will be released on August 18 on PC and will also be available via Xbox Game Pass for PC. Pre-loading is available now.

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