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Players have found a mysterious new secret door in ‘Demon’s Souls’ remake

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Players haven’t been able to unlock the door yet

PlayStation 5 players have stumbled upon a secret locked door in the Demon’s Souls remake that wasn’t in the original game.

News of the secret door first surfaced on Reddit, when a user shared a video depicting the in-game path to the door. Since the post was published, multiple gamers have gone on to visit the same door, although no one has managed to unlock it.

The locked door, which can be found in World Level 1-3, is concealed behind an illusionary wall, which is reportedly only the second found in the game.

Reddit user Cosmic Vagabond has since managed to peer through the door with the help of the game’s photo mode. They revealed that a lone glowing object lies on the other side. It is currently unclear what the glowing item may be.

Players have not been able to open the door yet. Cosmic Vagabond and other players have been trying every trick in the book, from sprinting to the wall immediately upon entering the level, to changing their armour and weapon loadouts, to killing all enemies in the level.

The remake, which was handled by Bluepoint Games, does not include any new content – except for the mysterious locked door.

This isn’t the first time Bluepoint Games has added secrets into its remakes; the studio famously did the same thing with Shadow Of The Colossus’ remake for the PS4.

In other Bluepoint Games news, the studio is rumoured to be a target of an acquisition by Sony, following its strong relationship over the years through the two companies’ PlayStation-exclusive games. The rumours have not been confirmed or verified by reliable sources yet.

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