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Playground Games has secured the narrative lead of ‘Control’ for ‘Fable’

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“Fable holds a special place in my heart”

The narrative lead of Control has joined Playground Games to become the lead writer on Fable.

Anna Megill broke the news on Twitter yesterday, announcing that she has been brought onto the upcoming Fable reboot which was revealed earlier this year.

In a Twitter thread, Megill stated that the Fable series holds a “special place” in her heart as it came out the first year she began game development and she “loved understanding the how and why” of her narrative decisions in the game.

While Megill also revealed she was worried that the new Fable will simply “be just a bunch of medieval fart jokes”, according to her time with Playground Games, “the team’s story vision reassured and excited” her.

See the full announcement below:

It’s been over a decade since the last mainline entry with Fable III and the new developer has been hard at work on the upcoming title. Originally, the series was developed by Lionhead Studios until its closure in 2016. The future of the franchise was ambiguous until Microsoft announced the reboot during an Xbox presentation back in July this year.

Since then, the team has stated that the game will not be a massively multiplayer online game, despite rumours circulating that it would be. Instead, it will be single player focused with online elements.

Microsoft head Matt Booty has also spoken about what he’s seen of the Fable reboot, saying its set to be a “very high-quality release” and compared it to the same challenges of making a new Star Wars movie.

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