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PlayStation 5’s latest patch fixes more problems and updates the controller

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Its the third update since the console launched less than a month ago

The PlayStation 5 has received its latest update, fixing more stability problems and rectifying other known issues.

Version 20.02-02.30.00 released today (December 9) and marks the third firmware patch from PlayStation since the console’s release. Much like previous updates, the new patch aims to increase the system’s stability and performance, following widespread issues of consoles consistently crashing.

According to the patch notes, other known issues that have been resolved include “data transfers and downloads cancelled when trying to download content while a data transfer from a PS4 is in progress”, problems where text input was causing errors during PS4 games, and connection stability between certain wi-fi routers – none of which have been detailed.

Additionally, as GameSpot reports, the console also seemingly updates the controller. After installing the patch, the PS5 asks users to connect their DualSense controller as it updates the device, although Sony has not detailed what the update specifically does.

The first post-launch update seemingly did very little besides updating the system’s stability and resolved the “Queued for Download” bug which was affecting many users. The console’s second patch looked to solve problems where disc games would delete themselves and the console refusing to charge controllers during rest mode.

PlayStation 5 owners have reported a multitude of issues since launch, many of which appear to stem from keeping the console in rest mode. Those who have found encountered the issue would find their console would crash and ask owners to repair the system database.

Even those without a console have run into problems, as Amazon customers reported their PS5 packages being swapped out with other items such as Nerf guns and cat food. Since the issue, Amazon has since come forward and stated it will be looking to replace customers’ stolen orders.

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