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‘Pokémon GO’ made US$1.92billion in 2020 despite COVID-19

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The mobile gaming industry raked in an estimated US$73.8billion last year

Pokémon GO reportedly made US$1.92billion last year, despite the global pandemic limiting players’ abilities to travel and play.

That is according to a report from Super Data, which includes statistics for the global gaming industry. Per the report, Pokémon GO is the fifth highest-grossing mobile free-to-play game of 2020, which is all the more impressive given the game’s use of real-world locations to discover Pokémon.

The highest grossing free-to-play mobile game was Tencent’s Honor Of Kings, which reportedly generated $4.5billion in revenue. Other notable games include Roblox with $2.29billion, and League Of Legends with $1.75billion.

The report also noted that the mobile gaming industry made an estimate of $73.8billion, while PC and console gaming brought in $33.1billion and $19.7billion respectively, with the overall gaming and interactive media industry earning a collective $139.9billion in 2020.

The top ten premium console titles include two Call Of Duty titles: Modern Warfare, which clinched the top spot with $1.9billion, and Black Ops Cold War at number six with $678million. The list also included FIFA 20 at $1billion, and Cyberpunk 2077 at $609million.

Super Data’s report also notes that VR games made $598million last year. While less VR headsets were sold this year, the amount of games that were purchased increased by $118million.

In other mobile gaming news, Mojang Studios announced last week that it will be shutting down support for Minecraft Earth in June this year, accrediting the game’s closure to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

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