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‘Pokemon Go’ teases Gen 6’s arrival with Espurr cry

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Espurr, I choose you!

Niantic have revealed that the sixth generation of Pokemon will soon be arriving in Pokemon Go.

The developers have tweeted a countdown to a Raid Egg hatching this week (Tuesday December 1) several times recently, and have now confirmed that it contains a Gen 6 Pokemon. Gen 6 took place in the Kalos region, and saw the release of Pokemon X and Pokemon Y.

Generation 6 features starter Pokemon Froakie, Chespin and Fennekin, and some of the game’s most popular creatures like Sylveon, Hawlucha, and Greninja. The latter evolves from Froakie, and sits alongside Charizard as one of the most beloved starter evolutions in the franchise.

None of these big hitters appear to be in the Raid Egg, however. Instead, judging from the cry, it’s the Psychic Pokemon Espurr.

Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield, the most recent games in the franchise, are part of Generation 8. That means once Gen 6 Pokemon arrives, only the Alola Pokemon of Gen 7 and the Galar Pokemon of Gen 8 will be absent from the game.

However, because Gen 7 and Gen 8 included regional variants, some Pokemon from those games are already in Pokemon Go. The Alolan variants of Raichu, Exeggutor, and others can currently be caught in Pokemon Go, while the Galar variants of Ponya, Farfetch’d and others were available for a limited time.

This means that Gen 6 is currently the only generation not present at all in Pokemon Go. Come Tuesday, that’s set to change.

This is good news for anyone playing Pokemon Sword or Pokemon Shield too. While the games have added more Pokemon since release through two DLCs, it still does not contain a complete Dex, with several Gen 6 Pokemon missing – including all three starters.

Now that both Pokemon Sword/Shield and Pokemon Go can be linked to Pokemon Home, trainers will be able to catch their favourite Gen 6 Pokemon in Pokemon Go, then transfer them to Pokemon Sword/Shield via Pokemon Go.

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